Global Initiative Grants

In support of Butler University’s strategic plan initiatives for comprehensive campus internationalization, funding is allocated by the Provost’s Office, in conjunction with  the support, enthusiasm, and expertise of the Center for Global Education, for the following faculty and curricular development programs.

Applications are due February 24, 2023.

Area studies enhancement grants up to $3,500 are intended to support faculty participation in a formal faculty development program to enhance their knowledge and expertise in a region of the world germane to their teaching or scholarship. Programs of at least two weeks duration, undertaken abroad, are strongly preferred. See, for example, the international faculty development seminars offered each year by providers listed on the application website. This is only illustrative of a very large number of other faculty development programs also would be appropriate for funding.  Grant funds can be used for program fees or tuition, instructional materials, living expenses, and international travel. They may not be used for stipends.

An additional $1000 could be available to applicants who arrange to visit an exchange partner near the location of the faculty development program. Upon return, the applicant must occasionally meet with students who are interested studying abroad at this exchange partner.

Click for the Area Studies Enhancement grant application.

This grant supports the incorporation of substantial intercultural or global learning in campus life through new or revised student programming, co-curricular initiatives or internationally-themed courses. Projects or initiatives related to global or international diversity, equity, and inclusion specifically, such as integrating or supporting international students or bringing global experiences to underrepresented populations, will be prioritized. The maximum award is $1,000. The award can be used to purchase audio-visual materials, publications, and other materials to assist in course or programming preparation. The applicant must teach the course or offer the high impact program supported by the grant during the following academic year and are expected to offer it periodically thereafter.

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Faculty members who are planning to lead a new short-term study program abroad may apply for up to $4,000 to support a scouting trip to the study program’s intended destination in order to consolidate plans for accommodations, ground transport, site visits, participation by guest lecturers, and the like. Faculty can also use grant to join an existing faculty-led program to observe. Planning for such a program must be relatively advanced at the time of application. Successful applicants will be expected to offer the new program in the academic year or summer following the scouting trip. Potential applicants should consult at an early stage with their department chair (if applicable) and with their college dean to insure that their proposed study program is consistent with the department’s and the college’s mission and priorities for international engagement. When the dean’s support has been obtained, the applicant should consult with Jill McKinney, Director of Study Abroad, regarding the University’s policies and guidelines for faculty-led programs abroad. Student demand, safety, and overall program portfolio will be considered in the proposed location of a new study abroad program.

Click for the scouting grant for faculty-led study programs abroad grant application.

  • Eligibility for Butler’s global initiative internal grants is limited to faculty who are in a tenure-track or tenured position, or who hold a full-time continuing appointment, at the time of the grant award.
  • Full-time staff are eligible to apply for the “Faculty and Staff On-Campus Global Development Grant.”
  • Because funding for the global initiative grants is limited, it is likely that between one and three awards will be made in each of the categories each year.
  • Grant extensions—If an awardee is not able to undertake the program of activity proposed during the grant period, s/he will need to reapply in the following annual cycle. Summer awards will not be carried forward.
  • Awardees must submit a brief activity report, detailing what has been accomplished as well as future plans, to the Center for Global Education. The final report is due within 60 days following the close of the grant period.
  • In the event that two proposals are of equal quality, the global initiative grants committee will give priority to proposals by tenure-track (but untenured) faculty members over proposals by tenured faculty members, and faculty who have not received an international curricular innovation grant in the previous three years. Previous awardees who have not submitted a final report will be ineligible for further funding until the final grant report is submitted.
  • In any fiscal year, a faculty member may receive funding in only one of the global initiative categories.
  • Application submission is electronic—full details about the application process is available on the application form for each of the grants.