Honors Thesis

Honors theses are as varied as Butler’s student body. Theses range from original research in the humanities and sciences, to teaching portfolios, to video productions, to performances and creative writing. Visit as many of the links below as you like. We hope they will help guide you as you think about doing a thesis.

Honors theses may be written by both honors and non-honors students. Honors students must complete a thesis in order to complete the Honors Program. Non-honors students may choose to complete a thesis in order to earn departmental honors.

Each thesis writer selects a faculty member or two to serve as a mentor. Students will be wise to allow four semesters and the intervening summer for the entire process. The first of those semesters (usually Fall of the junior year) may be spent in speaking with faculty members, exploring options, and beginning to narrow down on a topic or project. Honors students will take their departmental honors course during this semester. In the second semester, the student will work with the thesis advisor(s) to develop the thesis proposal. For Honors students, this will mean taking HN397 or 398.

During the summer and both semesters of the final year, students will be doing their research and working steadily on their projects. We highly recommend scheduling regular meetings with your thesis advisor and keeping to a calendar of intermediate deadlines as the surest way to complete the thesis, which will be the crowning achievement of your undergraduate education.

Thesis Timeline

Generally speaking, students should submit their thesis proposal a year before they plan on graduating. Deadlines for proposals are in early March (usually the Friday before Spring Break) and mid-September of each year.

The thesis draft, approved by your thesis advisor, should be read as well by a second reader, roughly one month before the student plans on graduating.  After making any revisions, based off of second reader comments, the final thesis should be submitted at least a week before graduation.