Honors Thesis Proposal

Class of 2023:

  • Fall deadline for thesis proposals (students with revisions from Spring date or students who were abroad during Spring 2020) mid-September 2022
  • Penultimate draft tentatively due by mid-March, 2023
  • Final thesis tentatively due mid-April, 2023

Class of 2024:

  • Thesis proposals tentatively due March 3, 2023

Your thesis proposal will be read by the Honors Board of your college. Please write your proposal so that any educated person can easily read and understand it. This means avoiding jargon and special terminology where possible and completely defining all special terms that must be used. If at all possible, please submit your thesis proposal electronically (as a Word or PDF file), and title the file as lastnamefirstnameproposal. The proposal must be typed and should be five to seven pages long (not including bibliography). It must present the following information:

Important Notes

To Students with Thesis Projects Outside Their Department or in Only One of Their Majors:
A thesis approved for University Honors will only qualify the student to receive departmental honors in those departments that approve the thesis for that purpose. If you are in doubt whether your thesis will qualify you for high or highest honors in your major(s), you should consult with your department head(s) at the thesis proposal stage and seek a letter of approval. A copy of the approval should be forwarded to the Honors Program. Furthermore, we urge you to work with thesis advisors from each discipline from which you are seeking departmental honors.

Information Regarding Research Using Animal or Human Subjects:
Any research that uses human beings or warm-blooded, vertebrate animals must be approved by the Institutional Review Board or the Animal Care and Use Committee, respectively, before the research is begun. Thesis proposals must attach evidence of such approval, or a letter of intent to seek such approval. Letters of intent must include the date on which you plan to begin your research, and be copied to the Office of University Research.

Applications for approval of the use of human or animal subjects should be submitted to the Office of University Research at least four weeks before the date on which you intend to commence your research. For information on the protection of warm-blooded, vertebrate animals, please contact your thesis advisor or Taura Edwards, Office of University Research Programs (see below). Human research includes questionnaires, interviews, tests, observations, surveys and other experiments.