Undergraduate Research Grants

To support the research or creative endeavor of our undergraduate students, Butler University has established the following grants to help offset the cost of conducting research/creative endeavor and traveling to a conference to share the outcomes of student research/creative endeavor with others. Any full-time Butler University student who has not yet earned a baccalaureate or PharmD degree is eligible to apply for Travel-to-Present grants and Honors Thesis grants.

All grant applications are reviewed by the Program for Undergraduate Research Committee. The committee is comprised of faculty members representing all six of Butler’s colleges. Students should direct questions about these grants to either their faculty advisor or to the Faculty Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Anne Wilson.

Forms and guidelines are available in electronic format below. All applications must be typed–any non-typed applications will be returned. After all signatures have been received, applications must be scanned and emailed as one PDF document to the Faculty Director. Applications containing multiple attachments will be returned.

This grant is designed to help defray the cost of travel to a conference to present the results of original research/creative endeavor. The Committee prioritizes competitively selected oral presentations over other presentations. If the applicant’s presentation was not competitively selected, then the faculty sponsor is required to submit a letter of support explaining why a non-refereed and/or poster presentation is a worthwhile, professional endeavor for the student.

If a department has multiple students attending the same conference, the Committee will only review a maximum of five proposals, with the maximum award being $1500.00 per conference. If more than five presentations are accepted to a conference, the sponsoring department must select the top five applications to forward to the committee.

Students are responsible for obtaining receipts for all expenses pertaining to reimbursement. The expenditure of funds requires adherence to Butler University’s Business Office Policies and fiscal regulations, whose regulations adhere to IRS regulations.

Students are eligible to receive only one Travel-to-Present grant during their tenure at Butler.

The application should be submitted on the first of the month, at least one month prior to planned travel.

Travel-to-Present Grant Application

As you’re completing the Travel to Present Application, please be sure to avoid making the following mistakes which will result in your application being returned:

  • Application not submitted as one (1) pdf document
  • Missing signatures
  • Handwritten applications
  • No entries related to expenses
  • No supporting documentation to verify expenses
  • No proof of conference acceptance
  • Students who are attending the same conference submit the same rationale for attending the conference (each applicant should highlight their own reasons for wanting to attend the conference)

This grant is designed to support the miscellaneous costs of conducting research for students who have approved departmental or University Honors thesis proposals. The grant may cover items such as copying survey forms; small equipment (e.g., paper, pencils, batteries); and office, museum, or library access fees. The Committee may approve funds for travel if it is integral to the thesis project. This grant is not intended to finance the copying of the completed thesis. Any funds awarded are to be used for research related to the thesis project exclusively.

  • For proposals approved in the spring semester: September 1
  • For proposals approved in the fall semester: October 30

View the Thesis Grant Application.

The Programs for Undergraduate Research (PUR) Committee reviews proposals for undergraduate research Travel-to-Present and Honors Thesis grants.
If you have questions about these grants, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Research & Prestigious Scholarships and/or the PUR committee representing your college.