Individualized Peer Tutoring

Individualized Peer Tutoring

Students are encouraged to first seek assistance from their course instructor as soon as the need is recognized in order to enhance their potential for academic success. If a student believes that additional support is needed to learn the course material, then tutoring as an option should be discussed with the course instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students may schedule individual tutoring appointments by visiting Navigate. Further step-by-step instruction on the scheduling process can be found here.

Currently enrolled Butler undergraduate students are eligible for tutoring.

No. To view a full list of courses for which tutoring is available, please visit Navigate and follow this step-by-step process.

Peer tutoring is free of charge for currently enrolled undergraduate students in select courses.

Yes. The Center for Academic Success and Exploration believes it is the student’s responsibility to take proactive steps to achieve academic success. These factors include:

  • Regular attendance in classes and laboratories.
  • Completion of assignments to the best of the student’s ability.
  • Use of Study Tables, if available for the subject.
  • Meeting with course instructor during office hours.

Study Tables are group walk-in tutoring sessions that meet regularly at a specific time and location. Study Tables are coordinated by each respective department, and each is staffed by student moderators who have been chosen by faculty based on their performance in a specific subject area. Students may come and go freely from Study Tables. While there, they have access to a student moderator for questions and assistance. Study Table offerings can be found here.

It is possible that there may be no available tutoring appointments available at the time of your search. Please understand that our tutors are current Butler students who are also balancing challenging schedules. Check back in Navigate on a weekly basis for updated availability.

No. Individualized Peer Tutoring allows a student to meet one-on-one with a peer tutor.

Tutors are current Butler students who have demonstrated exceptional grasp of course material. Tutors have been recommended by their instructors and must demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Minimum grade of B in courses for which student will be tutoring.
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, maintain cooperative peer relationships, and be teamwork-oriented, dependable, attentive to detail, friendly, and approachable.

Students benefit the most when they request tutoring early and commit to meeting with that tutor regularly throughout the semester. Tutoring is limited to 1-2 sessions per week.

Individualized Peer Tutoring is intended to be a supplement to other support services available (e.g., Study Tables, instructor office hours). It is not intended to replace the classroom learning experience. It is designed to help students who need additional assistance with understanding course content.

Yes. Tutors expect that you come to your sessions with your course materials and specific questions regarding challenging material. Read the following resource for more information on preparing for a tutoring session: Preparing for a Tutoring Session.

Butler University professors should always be a student’s first tutor. Small class sizes allow for instructors to engage in individualized teaching with each of their students. Office hours are a fantastic way to learn directly from your instructor. Often peer tutoring is not needed because Butler instructors are available and willing to work directly with their students. If a student believes that additional support is needed to learn the material, then tutoring as an option should be discussed with the course instructor.

No.  Peer tutoring is not available for standardized tests or licensure exams. Students seeking additional support for such testing should consult with their faculty advisor.

No. The Center for Academic Success and Exploration does not provide tutoring for graduate-level courses.

The Lacy School of Business hires tutors for Accounting, Applied Business Technology, and Economics/Statistics. Information on these offerings can be found here.

Yes. Tutoring for foreign languages is available through the Modern Language Center.

Students seeking help with writing skills and paper development should contact the Writers’ Studio.

The Butler University Writers’ Studio offers free, 45-minute writing consultations at any stage of the writing process – from understanding an assignment to final draft. Our undergraduate and graduate tutors will assist you with writing assignments across the curriculum.

Students seeking help with presentations should contact the Speaker’s Lab.

The Butler University Speaker’s Lab employs highly trained student tutors to give one-on-one help with the creation and delivery of both individual and group speeches or presentations. In 30- or 60-minute sessions, tutors assist students with all parts of the public speaking process, which includes refining the topic, organizing the content, effectively presenting, and developing visuals.  Tutors provide constructive feedback at any stage of the process. They are also trained to assist in the preparation of interviews.

No. The Center for Academic Success and Exploration does not staff tutors during summer sessions.

No. The last day to request tutoring each semester must be placed several weeks before finals. (This date is posted on the tutoring webpage.) Tutoring does not occur during finals week.

The Center for Academic Success and Exploration is staffed with Student Development Specialists who can provide you with academic coaching. Typical coaching topics include: study skills, time management, motivation, test-taking strategies, goal setting, and organizational skills. Please contact the Center for Academic Success and Exploration at to request an appointment. You can also visit the Center for Academic Success and Exploration webpage for more information.

A student learner has the right to:

  • A punctual, prepared peer tutor
  • 24-hour notice if a peer tutor must cancel or reschedule an appointment
  • Confidentiality from faculty and staff outside of the Student Success Center
  • Timely contact from the Center for Academic Success and Exploration and peer tutors
  • Exploration of all avenues necessary for academic success
  • A comfortable tutoring environment
  • A change in peer tutors if necessary
  • An “open-door” policy to approach a supervisor if there are any concerns or questions

Contact Information: Shari Stadelmayer,