Center for Academic Success & Exploration

Our Commitment

The Center for Academic Success and Exploration (CASE) provides a welcoming, student-centered environment that challenges and advocates for all Butler students to reach their academic potential. Through developmental advising, coaching, and process-oriented exploration and reflection, we encourage students to develop a plan and take action in support of their academic, personal, and professional goals.

The Center offers a variety of services, programs, and resources that can help students start on a path to academic success or get back on the path to success. We also house the Exploratory Studies Program, where students who are undecided or have multiple interests can exercise their intellectual curiosity through a number of programs and classes designed to help determine their best course of study.

Alumni Thoughts

“Even after getting an academic advisor in my major, I consistently returned to the CASE office for a variety of advising needs. Each member of the staff consistently goes the extra mile to ensure students are supported. They have your best interest at heart and I am beyond grateful for the work they do.” —Sidney Hill-Kartel ’21

headshot of Sidney Hill Kartel

Student Thoughts

“From being a first-year student sitting in the exploratory classes, to having an on-campus job opportunity through the CASE office, it is easy to say that this specific space holds a very special place in my heart. I’m constantly surrounded by people who want to see me grow, achieve, and dream bigger than I ever thought I could. The Center for Academic Success and Exploration gave me the foundation to be the student I always knew I could be.” —Nathan Carnes ’22

headshot of Nathan Carnes