Exploratory Studies

Majoring in undecided?
You’ll be in good company.

Finding the area of study that’s best for you is often a journey in itself. Through Exploratory Studies, you’ll unlock your passions, believe in yourself, and build confidence in the path you choose.

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So many options—try some on for size.

The Exploratory Studies program is full of ways to help you discover the many possibilities you have at Butler. You’ll learn about our 85+ majors by observing classes and using faculty as your guide. You’ll take assessments to discover your strengths, values, and interests. You will even participate in job shadows and interviews to explore where your degree could take you after college. Exploratory Studies helps you uncover your personal strengths, build your confidence, and seize the right opportunities at Butler and beyond.

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Exploring your options isn’t wasting your time.

Know The Facts

Students in Exploratory Studies graduate on schedule and enjoy the same placement rates as those who start college with a declared major. Still, many people misunderstand what the program is all about, and how it prepares Butler students to make rewarding career decisions. Don’t fall into the trap. Explore the common misperceptions (and the truth behind them) below.

Start Exploring

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We’re On Your Side

You’re not on this journey alone: Your Exploratory Studies adviser will be by your side, getting to know you and steering you toward a path that taps into your personality and interests.

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Know Thyself

Be honest: What makes you tick? Free self-assessments, available to every Butler student, may reveal some surprising answers—and help you make academic and career-related decisions with confidence.

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Exploratory Studies Course

Think of this class, offered twice a year, as a guided tour of everything Butler (and the working world) has to offer. You’ll meet faculty members from multiple disciplines, sit in on other classes, even visit different workplaces as you get a sense for what different majors may lead to. And you’ll do it alongside an instructor who is also an Exploratory Studies advisor.

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Experts All Around

Seeking a little more direction? Look no further than the many offices on campus that can help you explore your academic options and interests.

Not alone in my uncertainty

“When I applied to Butler I was accepted into the Exploratory program. I have always been interested in too many subjects to pinpoint which I wanted to pursue. The Exploratory program helped guide me to my current major after many conversations about what I wanted my future to look like.”

Rosa Trippel ’24

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