College of Education


The courses in the METL program are taught by professors in the College of Education.

Brooke Kandel CiscoBrooke Kandel Cisco - Assistant Professor of Education and Director for the METL and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs
(317) 940-9490
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Janet Ayers - Administrative Assistant

246 Jordan Hall
(317) 940-9501

METL Faculty

Ryan FlessnerRyan Flessner - Assistant Professor of Education
(317) 940-8397
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Deborah A. CorpusKathryn Brooks - Assistant Professor of Education
(317) 940-8415
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Dr. Deborah CorpusDr. Deborah Corpus - Associate Professor of Reading Education
182B Jordan Hall
(317) 940-8442
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Shelley FurunessShelley Furuness - Assistant Professor of Education
(317) 940-6967
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Dr. Arthur HochmanDr. Arthur Hochman - Professor of Early/Middle Childhood Education
180 E Jordan Hall
(317) 940-9814
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Dr. Suneeta KercoodDr. Suneeta Kercood - Associate Professor of Special Education
184 E Jordan Hall
(317) 940-8429
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Dr. Matthew MaurerDr. Matthew Maurer - Professor of Instructional Technology
180 H Jordan Hall
(317) 940-9207
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