Sociology and Criminology Majors are taught the basics of human interaction and relationships and acquire an understanding of social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of social behavior. As such, sociology provides students with the necessary tools to investigate and understand a wide range of cultural and social issues and the potential to make a positive impact on society and the welfare of individuals.

We have developed sociology-based programs grounded in three central themes: community, social diversity and global awareness. Each program reflects an emphasis on the use of social science theory and methods to understand and address challenging social issues and to encourage student critical thinking and engagement with our communities and the world. With a strong academic and experiential foundation, our students are well prepared for a wide range of opportunities upon graduation.   

To best meet students' varying interests and career goals, we give students several options for their focus of study.  Students may elect to complete the following majors:  

Sociology Major

Sociology Major with a Specialization in Social Work and Social Policy

Criminology Major

We also offer a minor in sociology, a minor in criminology, and the opportunity for students to complete a combined major either with the psychology department or within our department.

Why Study Sociology and Criminology at Butler?

Why Study Sociology and Criminology at Butler?


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