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Physician Assistant Program
Physician Assistant Program
Physician Assistant Program

Physician assistants (PAs) are highly trained health professionals who provide patient-centered medical care services as part of a collaborative health care team. PAs can offer comprehensive medical services to their patients, from basic primary care to high tech specialty procedures. Recently, US News and World Report listed a career as a physician assistant as one of the 50 best, with an average annual starting salary for new graduates of approximately $80,000, and expects strong growth over the next decade.

Helping patients regain their health can be an extraordinarily rewarding experience. If becoming a PA is the right move for you and you are seeking a program that boasts a supportive but demanding faculty, is taught in state-of-the-art-facilities and has a proven track record of turning out graduates who earn the kind of accolades you'll hear in the video on the Preceptors page, then the Butler PA program is for you. Join us as we work to shape the future of medicine.

To learn more about what Butler's PA program has to offer, we invite you to look through our website and visit us on Facebook.




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