College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Faculty & Staff


Katharina E. Dulckeit ~ Professor of Philosophy
(317) 940-9771

Stuart Glennan ~ Professor of Philosophy
(317) 940-9890
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Harry van der Linden ~ Professor of Philosophy
(317) 940-9976
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Tiberiu Popa ~ Associate Professor of Philosophy
(317) 940-9052
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Chad Bauman ~ Department Chair, Associate Professor of Religion
(317) 940-8705
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James F. McGrath ~ Professor of Religion
Clarence L. Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature
(317) 940-9364
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Paul R. Valliere ~ Professor of Religion
McGregor Professor of the Humanities
(317) 940-9404
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Brent Hege ~ Instructor in Religion
(317) 940-8274
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Adjunct Faculty

Whitten Watson ~ Adjunct Faculty in Philosophy

Virgil Whitmyer ~ Adjunct Faculty in Philosophy
(317) 940-8344

Adjunct Faculty in Religion ~ Adjunct Faculty in Religion
(317) 940-9404


Mary Proffitt ~ Department Administrative Specialist
(317) 940-9974

Emeriti Faculty

John Beversluis ~ Professor of Philosophy

B.A., Calvin College; Ph.D., Indiana University Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics, Philosophy in Literature
Retired: May, 2004

W. Malcolm Clark ~ Professor of Religion

A.B., Harvard College; B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Yale Divinity School; Post-doctoral study at Hebrew University, Israel Biblical Studies, Islam, Religion and Gender, American Religion
Malcolm Clark's Islam for Dummies is a best-seller and required reading for American army officers.
Retired: May, 2002