College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Chemistry

Faculty & Staff


Dr. Olujide Akinbo ~ Professor
Office: GH343
Phone: 940-8503
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Dr. Adam Azman ~ Lecturer
Office: GH203
Phone: 940-8632
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Dr. Elizabeth Davis ~ Instructor
Office: GH210
Phone: 940-8309

Dr. John J. Esteb ~ Associate Professor
Office: GH363
Phone: 940-9585
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Dr. Geoffrey C. Hoops ~ Professor
Office: GH335A
Phone: 940-9147
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Dr. Todd A. Hopkins ~ Associate Professor
Office: GH351
Phone: 940-9563
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Dr. R. Jeremy Johnson ~ Assistant Professor
Office: GH339
Phone: 940-9062

Dr. Joseph L. Kirsch ~ Professor
Office: GH347
Phone: 940-9400
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Dr. Shannon G. Lieb ~ Professor
Office: GH319
Phone: 940-9410
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Dr. LuAnne M. McNulty ~ Associate Professor and Department Chair
Office: GH300A
Phone: 940-9063
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Dr. Paul Morgan ~ Lecturer
Office: GH359
Phone: 940-9399

Dr. Stacy A. O'Reilly ~ Professor
Office: GH321
Phone: 940-9806
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Dr. Robert A. Pribush ~ Professor
Office: GH361
Phone: 940-9406
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Dr. Michael J. Samide ~ Professor
Office: GH317
Phone: 940-9973
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Dr. Erin Whitteck ~ Instructor
Office: GH207
Phone: 940-8318

Dr. Anne M. Wilson ~ Professor
Office: GH345
Phone: 940-9408
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Adjunct Faculty

Ken Savin ~ Adjunct Faculty

A.B.Sc., Occidental College; Ph.D. University of Utah; Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Senior Organic Chemist at Eli Lilly and Company
Course Taught: Special Topics in Organic Synthesis

Barbara Howes ~ Adjunct Faculty and Science Librarian

B.A.Indiana University; M.L.S. Indiana University; M.B.A. Butler University
Course Taught: Chemical Literature


Julie Anne Barrett ~ Academic Laboratory Coordinator
Office: GH355
Phone: 940-8178

Molly Martz ~ Administrative Specialist
Office: GH300
Phone: 940-9405

Jo Wagoner ~ Director, Chemical Labs & Stores
Office: GH353
Phone: 940-9972
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