Bulldog Jog - 2015
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The Bulldog Jog
Butler HRC

530 W. 49th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(317) 940-4472
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Starting at 9:15 a.m. on Sunset Ave. by the HRC, grand marshall Trip will lead the pack south on Sunset toward 46th Street. 

At the main campus entrance and intersection of 46th Street and Sunset Ave., the course turns right onto the Butler Way and wrapping around construction of the Schrott Performing Arts Complex and Clowes Memorial Hall.

Upon entering campus, the course will lead the pack south through the campus mall by Irwin Library, before wrapping around and turning north again at Hampton Dr. 

Heading north through the campus mall, the dogs will pass Atherton Union and Jordan Hall upon entering Norris Plaza and onto Lake Rd. which will lead the group back to the finish at the HRC. 

Course Guidelines

This is a family event, so all members of the family are welcome to accompany your dog on course. The course is also open to strollers and wagons for both the human and canine members of the family. Those using strollers and wagons are asked to be mindful of others sharing the course. 

Butler takes great pride in it's campus and neighboring community, so If your dog needs to take a pit stop along the route, please be prepared to clean up after them!