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Book Purchasing Through The Years

Freshman Year: Golly jeepers am I glad to be going off to college! I’ll need books won’t I? Well thank goodness there’s a campus bookstore. How convenient! Oh…they cost how much? I suppose I can’t get them anywhere else so…

Sophomore Year: NEVER. AGAIN. Never again will I be fooled by the bookstore’s prices! I’ll scour the internet for the best prices! First I’ll go to, then, then…And through the power of Excel spreadsheets I will be victorious!

Junior Year: Okay, maybe I was jumping the gun last year. Half the books I bought weren’t on the syllabus, and often there were other books I had to acquire throughout the year. Thank goodness for generous friends. I’ll play a waiting game this year.

Senior Year: School soon, right? Whatever. Books? Amazon. They’ll get here when the get here. What’s that Amazon Customer Service? This copy of the book is out of stock? I suppose I could just find another copy, buuuuuut I didn’t really want that one anyway.

People Tall and Short

It was late last week when Butler played IU for one of the greatest upsets of my time here at Butler for our basketball program. I haven’t been this excited for basketball since our Final Four runs two and three years ago. Few except the most stalwart and stubborn fans really expected the win. The best part of the game? Honestly hard to pick. Was it when Stigall kept going for threes? Or when three of our players fouled out in overtime? Or when Barlow took his sweet time getting the game-changing two points?

No, obviously the best part was every moment that I avoided a heart attack. I’ll say that I personally am surprised to have survived the whole ordeal. How did I manage it? I’ll just go ahead and give you the secret. It wasn’t through fortitude or patience or belief in the Butler program. I was looking forward to a viewing of “The Hobbit” after the game, and knew that I couldn’t waste time dying when so much more fun was to be had.

I saw the movie, which I review here, and then went to eat at Pei Wei, a first time experience for me. It was very interesting. Think Panda Express meets A Mongolian grill, all in the setting of a PF Chang’s. YouTube Preview Image


CAMPUS ALERT: There are camels at Butler. The sophomore class hosted this event on the mall to show that they have both the wit to make a joke and the ability to carry it out in such an impressive fashion. So let’s break it down.

On one level, we have camels on campus. Isn’t that enough? Camels are so random in their own right that it is absolutely hilarious in bring them to campus. Think of how a student walking to class would react to these camels. Are they going to think: “What’s going on? That’s odd…camels.” No, they aren’t going to question when good things are happening. They will go see the camels.

The second level of irony comes from the now infamous campus alert a few weeks ago informing all of campus that a criminal was running “towrad the camel,” a phrase that obviously meant “towards the canal,” but which is now stuck in the comic memory of every butler student.

Photo courtesy of Irene Stevens

The only problem now is that I’m so distracted from doing the work that I need to do. Thus, I write this post.

Butler’s Price is Right

It was a whirlwind of a day. I had planned on going for a run, eating a quiet dinner, and then doing some homework before going to bed. All of that changed when a friend of mine offered me tickets to “The Price is Right Live” which was being hosted at Clowes Hall.

YouTube Preview Image

So I wolfed down a quick dinner, and got in line an hour and a half early with my friends in order to register our seats for the possibility of being selected to go down and have our chance at winning. Unfortunately, I was never selected to go down. It turns out that three, count ‘em THREE other Andrew’s were called down. Each time I felt like I had choked on my own stomach.

It was a generally quiet game until one Butler student won a trip to Las Vegas! The crowd went wild, she went wild, but I’m still a bit skeptical. How can a trip of that magintude only cost around $1200? Perhaps the flight wasn’t included, or perhaps it’s more of a hostel than a hotel that she’s staying at. In either case, I was jealous along with the rest of the crowd.

Help Those Kids (And Stuff)

Imagine: kids say the darndest things meets musical Jerry Seinfeld. When I came home for Labor Day weekend, I was greeted by the newest movement of musical comedy that my siblings have encountered. All of this centers around the resurgence of “Flight of the Conchords,” a musical group turned TV show stars that was the focus of my freshman year at Butler.

YouTube Preview Image

The interactions of the band manager and band are very indicative of what the TV show was like. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of these actors go on to bigger projects. Murray was featured in “Yes Man,” Jermaine starred in “Dinner for Schmucks” and Bret wrote the score for “The Muppets.”

This great cause was bolstered by a number of fantastic singers, who we got images of laughing at the ridiculous, child-generated lyrics as well as them singing or rapping said lyrics in a completely serious state. If you have the ability to feel inside (and stuff like that), I encourage you to donate. At the very least enjoy the video and recommend it to your friends.

Gettin’ Jazzed Up

When my girlfriend came in from out of town, I knew that something special had to be done. We put our heads together and came up with a few passions that we share: pancakes, jazz, and traveling the world. Since we had already eaten pancakes, and traveling didn’t make sense during her visit to Indy, we settled on jazz.

On a Saturday evening we went online to make reservations at The Jazz Kitchen. The system was incredibly easy, and one of the first online reservations I’ve ever made. Impressive. We saw that the group Jared Thompson and Premium Blend, a fantastic group that played a few tunes I was familiar with and opened my ears to a number of new songs.

Then we ordered food. My goodness. We got the house specialty, a giant pan of Spanish paella. This was a real surf and turf, teaming with chicken, calamari, clams, sausage, and so much more. It felt like I was eating an ecosystem. A delicious, rice-y ecosystem.

The night was relaxing, the music was exciting and beautiful, and the food left us gasping for breath. In a good way. I give this restaurant seven trombones.

The Jazz Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Note: must be 21 years to enter. Also there’s a cover charge. That’s where they get ya’.

Preparing for…the End

What do you do when you’re running headlong into the future and then you come to a cliff? I’ll tell you what you do, you stop running. If it were possible to set time in reverse, that’s certainly what I’d do, but given that this is an impossibility, I’m doing me best to slow down the daily routine and appreciate everything that I have here before it vanishes.

Class these three weeks have probably been the most unreal of the semester. With only a week left of classes, I have none of the motivation to continue as I was before. And it’s not that I’m planning to bojangle (slang: avoiding things of a productive nature) the final days, but I don’t want them spent in my room reviewing all of the irregular conjugations of Passato Remoto. I’m still going to class, but I’m realizing that pretty soon my progress is all going to come to a halt. How do you deal with a change like this? I have yet to figure out. I almost feel suspended between the time of intense work I had for three months, and the final day or two of packing that will inevitably come before my plane.

As such, I have compiled a list of things to accomplish on my final days here:

1) Play Pool at the local pool hall: this is a dream I have harbored since the beginning of January, and have yet to realize. But it will happen soon.

2) Visiting the South of Italy: Will be discussed in future posts

3) Souvenirs for family and friends: Oh how I’ve worked on these, yet I feel far from completion.

4) Souvenirs for me: Weird to say, but it was actually quite easy to forget.

5) Goodbyes: To friends American and international, I am now fighting an uphill battle to have goodbye celebrations, say goodbye and thanks to everyone who affected me. The hardest part.

YouTube Preview Image

International Friends

It’s come to my attention that some of my readership demographic has become Italian. Therefore, I will mix up my agenda for this post. In a single blow, I will write a homage to my Italian friends, and welcome them into my blog with a translated post! (See Above)

New friends, good food...perfect!

I consider myself incredibly blessed that I have stumbled upon a wonderful group of Italians. From the start, they were all accommodating to our miserable attempts at Italian, offering us support and innumerable corrections that have helped cultivate my improving language skills.

Not only that, but they have opened up for me parts of Perugia I would not have experienced otherwise. We played indoor soccer (where unfortunately I perpetuated the myth that Americans are terrible at soccer), ping-pong, gone to Mass together, and above all, learned Italian swear words.

So, thank you new-found friends, you are truly making my time here memorable.