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Book Purchasing Through The Years

Freshman Year: Golly jeepers am I glad to be going off to college! I’ll need books won’t I? Well thank goodness there’s a campus bookstore. How convenient! Oh…they cost how much? I suppose I can’t get them anywhere else so…

Sophomore Year: NEVER. AGAIN. Never again will I be fooled by the bookstore’s prices! I’ll scour the internet for the best prices! First I’ll go to, then, then…And through the power of Excel spreadsheets I will be victorious!

Junior Year: Okay, maybe I was jumping the gun last year. Half the books I bought weren’t on the syllabus, and often there were other books I had to acquire throughout the year. Thank goodness for generous friends. I’ll play a waiting game this year.

Senior Year: School soon, right? Whatever. Books? Amazon. They’ll get here when the get here. What’s that Amazon Customer Service? This copy of the book is out of stock? I suppose I could just find another copy, buuuuuut I didn’t really want that one anyway.