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Writers' Studio
Writers' Studio


What We Do For: Students

The Writers' Studio addresses the writing needs of Butler students across the curriculum, from the First-Year Seminar through graduate and professional programs.

Our specially-trained graduate and undergraduate peer tutors provide assistance with every aspect of the writing process - whether you are struggling to come up with ideas or ready to begin final proofreading, the Writers' Studio is a place where student writers of all levels and concerns can:

  • share ideas, 
  • shape writing, and
  • learn strategies which will benefit you as writers long after the tutoring session has ended.

As it has been from its inception, the Studio remains student-centered, less about materials and aids than the one-to-one experience of writing. The tutor's goal is to recognize and accommodate the individual and often idiosyncratic nature of the writing process. Make your appointment today at WCOnline.

What We Do For: English Language Learners

For English Language Learners (ELL) students or those students for whom English is a New Language (ENL), the Writers' Studio is proud to offer ELL and ENL-specific support.

We encourage ELL and ENL students to make regular weekly appointments at the Writers' Studio. The regular weekly appointment allows you to get to know your tutor, who in turn gets to know your language-specific writing needs; although you may not be working on course-based writing assignments every week, the tutor can lead you in language-based writing activities which support second language acquisition and the development of English language fluency. ELL/ENL students should contact the Director of Peer Tutoring, Dr. Sunny Hawkins, at to schedule a regular weekly appointment.

What We Do For: Faculty

The Writers' Studio aims to support faculty in the teaching of writing as a process. We are pleased to offer instructors a menu of resources to support their students' writing development, such as:

  • Student Referrals for individual students who might benefit from utilizing the Writers' Studio. Faculty should download the Client Referral Form and submit it to Sunny Hawkins, the Director of Peer Tutoring, at
  • In-Studio Workshops for instructors who would like to include peer review in their classes. The In-Studio Workshop can facilitate this process, as tutors model for students how to critically and supportively respond to one another's writing. These workshops pair small groups of students with peer tutors for:
    • invention (coming up with ideas);
    • drafting, including source integration;
    • revising;
    • and/or editing and proofreading.
  • In-Class Workshops for instructors who have specific, whole-class writing concerns. These lessons - which can be adapted to fit any class period, from 15-minute "mini-lessons" to 75-minute workshops - can facilitate the teaching of writing without requiring the instructor to become a composition specialist.which address specific writing concerns, such as:
    • citation and documentation;
    • sentence structure;
    • paragraphing; 
    • introductions and conclusions;
    • thesis statements;
    • and so on. 

To schedule either an In-Studio or In-Class workshop, please submit a Writers' Studio Workshop Request.

Studio Introductions can also be scheduled at the beginning of the semester to encourage students to make use of the Writers' Studio via individual appointments. Peer tutors provide these in-class introductions, which include an overview of WCOnline, our online appointment-making software, and an explanation of the Studio's services. Introductions typically last 10 minutes and can be scheduled for the beginning or end of class periods. To schedule a Studio Introduction, please submit a Writers' Studio Class Introduction request.

For more information about what the Studio offers faculty, please contact Sunny Hawkins, the Director of Peer Tutoring.

Please note: We ask for at least three weeks' notice when scheduling In-Studio or In-Class Workshops.