Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are a place for everyone, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our students take what they learn here into the broader world, helping to play their part in building a more just society.

All of us belong at Butler.

Fostering a vibrant intellectual community demands an environment that uplifts and supports everyone, because we each have our own unique perspectives to share. At Butler, we strive to create this environment so that all feel valued and supported while learning and working here.

In order to fulfill our mission of “creating and fostering a collaborative, stimulating intellectual learning environment… and enriching communities and preparing all learners to lead meaningful lives,” we must work together to make Butler a place where people from all identities, backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences are welcomed.

DEI Resources and Opportunities at Butler

To make Butler a place where people of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences are included, we provide a variety of resources and opportunities to get you connected and serve your needs.

two students at a table for the Butler LGBTQ+ Alliance club on campus

Hub for Black Affairs and Community Engagement

The Hub serves as an institutional command center to address systemic racism. Its initiatives include support for our Black students, faculty, and staff, and hosting workshops, discussions with Visiting Black Intellectuals, training sessions, and wellness activities.

McKenzie Greene in the Diversity Center talking to two other female students

Efroymson Diversity Center

Home to student organizations like Gender Equity Movement and Latinx Student Union, the Diversity Center serves as a physical space for Butler Bulldogs committed to advancing all DEI goals.

male student in blue and white striped sweater at computer, bookshelves behind

DEI Innovation Fund

The DEI Innovation Fund provides investments in DEI initiatives. The fund is designed to encourage engagement in creating a welcoming and supportive learning and working environment at Butler.

president danko in white shirt, red tie, dark pants talking to male student in denim shorts and black t-shirt. signage reads Office of the President

President’s Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Comprised of faculty students, staff, and alumni, the Council is responsible for monitoring and reporting progress on Butler’s DEI efforts and goals.

brick building with banner reading Welcome to Butler, and Robertson Hall written on the entrance

Enrollment Management

The Enrollment Management Division supports the outreach, recruitment, and retention of prospective and current students, ensuring that these efforts are supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion—and the founding mission of the University.

Student gives a hearing test to a child in a classroom

Social Justice and Diversity Requirement

As part of our Core Curriculum, all Butler students are required to take one class that introduces them to the causes of systemic marginalization and how to counter it.

two female students with a male student in the middle wearing a BU Be Well shirt

Diversity and Inclusion Wellness Resources

Butler provides a range of services, like counseling, disability accommodations, and ally training, to all students, faculty, and staff.

many male and female students of mixed races in casual clothing, smiling

Black, Latinx, and LGBT Alumni Associations

The Black Alumni Association (BAA), Latinx Alumni Association (LXAA), and LGBT Alumni Associations offer graduates the opportunity to network, build community, and assist students in pursuit of their educational and professional aspirations.

the center for faith and vocation house

Center for Faith and Vocation (CFV)

The CFV promotes interfaith engagement and offers a safe space for everyone in need of mentoring, guidance, or reflection, regardless of religious (or non-religious) affiliation.