Prevention & Outreach Education

At Butler University, we believe that the prevention of sexual misconduct is everyone’s responsibility. All new students who enroll at Butler are asked to complete an online education course and an in-person consent workshop prior to the start of their first semester, which ensures all community members have the chance to explore the critical issue of consent, the role bystanders can play to shape a culture that does not support sexual misconduct, and the specifics of campus policy. Ongoing educational efforts including campaigns, workshops and events are coordinated within student organizations, residential communities, and the general student body throughout the year by various departments on campus.

You can keep track of all prevention education and outreach programming through our social media pages on Instagram and Twitter.

Preventing Sexual Misconduct 101

We believe in creating a culture where healthy relationships are the norm, consent is sought for every sexual act, and every person has a responsibility to take small steps to help keep campus safe.

Accomplishing these goals begins with a basic understanding of how Butler defines sexual misconduct, how to practice proper consent habits, what rape culture is, exploring the roots of violence, and developing skills to intervene.

For Incoming Students

Prevention Education

Outreach Programming

Throughout the academic year, the SARP Office is proud to present a variety of events, workshops, trainings, and booths that invite students to learn how they can help make our campus community a safe place where healthy relationships are the norm and consent is sought and received for every sexual activity.

One of the most visible ways we accomplish this is through the recognition of important awareness months, hosting events on a regular basis, and providing engaging resources for students.