Preventia Mental Health App

Butler University has partnered with Indiana-based company Preventia to provide accessible mental telehealth and wellness services to students in addition to the services already provided at Counseling and Consultation Services and BU|BeWell. Students can receive 10 free virtual coaching or therapy appointments per year clicking on this link logging in using their Butler credentials.  Find out more below in our FAQs.

Preventia provides mental health services to students in the form of both coaching and counseling. As a student, you are eligible for up to 10 free mental health sessions per year.

As a Butler student, you are eligible for 10 free mental health sessions starting in February every year. Your Preventia App will show you how many sessions you have remaining and will reset with the new contract year.

You can click on this link and use your Butler email and password for direct access to the Preventia App.

Once in the Preventia App you will see your task list of items to complete: the Lifestyle Based Questionnaire, Select a Provider, and Schedule an Appointment all to begin your care journey.

If more sessions are needed after the 10 free sessions through Preventia and the contract year and not yet renewed, your Preventia provider can assist you to help find a solution that works for your situation. They can help you decide the best path for you, which may include working with a fee-for-service provider.

Click on the Counseling & Consultation Services Crisis Services resources found here. Preventia does not provide on-demand emergency crisis services; there is a link to the Suicide Hotline in the dashboard of the App.

Each mental health session is up to one hour.

Butler has worked with Preventia to provide 10 mental health sessions for each student. These sessions provide an opportunity to address a wide variety of typical mental health issues and concerns, such as stress, anxiety, grief counseling, depression, etc. Our care providers are all licensed mental health counselors, therapists, or credentialed health and wellness coaches with additional training in mental health first aid or behavioral health.

When you don’t know where to start, or just need to talk to someone, many people connect with a Coach first. Our Coaches are trained to support most daily stress-related concerns and know when you need to be referred for more traditional therapy.

Support Options:

Mental Health Coaching

These are credentialed Health & Wellness Coaches with additional training in mental health. Coaches work with students to create action steps to get “unstuck” in a specific area and are trained to refer students to a counselor or therapist should they need it.

Mental Health Therapy

Licensed mental health professionals who are equipped to help students with traditional therapy that addresses clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Within the Preventia App: Click on the settings icon. This will give you access to both the User Guide (Technology Help) and a feedback form for requesting help, reporting bugs, and giving suggestions for improvements. If you still need additional support, you can email your question to

In the Preventia App click on your scheduled appointment and click cancel if it is more than 24 hours before your appointment. If it is less than 24 hours, you can securely direct message your provider in the App to ask about changing your appointment time. If you cancel your appointment, make sure you navigate back to “Schedule an Appointment” and reschedule.