360 Proof PFI

The 360 Proof Personalized Feedback Index (PFI) is an anonymous online tool for Butler University students that provides individualized feedback about one’s alcohol use. Students can complete the PFI from a computer or mobile device. The PFI takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and immediately delivers confidential judgment-free results. These results include strategies specifically recommended for each individual user, based on what is reported about their own alcohol use. Personalized feedback is intended to help students examine and ultimately minimize the impacts of alcohol on their health, finances, relationships, and academics.

Visit 360proof.org/pfi, select Butler University, and click “Launch.”

Questions about the 360 Proof PFI can be directed to Katie Wood (kewood1@butler.edu), Assistant Director for Health Promotion and Wellness at Butler University.

SAF 360 screen 1SAF 360 screen 2

Users who complete the index will be guided through a set of questions to provide information about their drinking habits.  Honest responses to all these questions are what allows users to receive personalized feedback.

SAF 360 screen 3SAF 360 screen 4

Feedback will be given immediately after the index is completed. This allows users to examine their alcohol use compared to other college students in similar settings and explore potential impacts of use.

SAF 360 screen 5The Personalized Feedback Index provides insight into the impact of the user’s alcohol use on several facets of their life including long-term physical health and financial costs.SAF 360 screen 6

Each user will be given information about campus resources available to further explore results after taking the index. This ensures that all Butler students have access to tools to help make healthy decisions about alcohol.