Route 2: Activity 4

Route 2 is a mobility-device accessible trail that takes about 30 minutes to complete, but you can take as much time as you need to move through the activities. You can also select a single location and activity if you only have a few moments between classes.

Activity 4: Sound Meditation

Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes or lower your gaze to the ground a few feet ahead of you. Lengthen and slow your breath, and notice the sound you make as you inhale and exhale. What other sounds does your body make as you shift in your seat or move?

Next, bring your attention from your body to the space immediately surrounding you. What do you hear happening around you? Take a moment just to observe. Then, envision the ways those sounds are connected to you. Perhaps the sound of voices links you to the community you live in, or the sound of wind in the trees reminds you that plants give you oxygen to breathe. Visualize the web of connectedness created by the sounds around you.

Finally, focus on what you can hear, but not see in your immediate environment. What sounds are coming from the distance? Repeat visualizing how those sounds (such as far away traffic or music) or beings are connected to you, even from afar.

Activity 4 Location: Star Fountain between Jordan Hall and the Irwin Library