Route 2: Activity 2 & 3

Route 2 is a mobility-device accessible trail that takes about 30 minutes to complete, but you can take as much time as you need to move through the activities. You can also select a single location and activity if you only have a few moments between classes.

Activity 2 & 3: Walking Silently

The next activity is at the Irvington House Garden Beds. We recommend walking past the greenhouse, between Jordan Hall and Fairbanks Hall to get there. Look out for the different kinds of trees between Jordan Hall and the Pharmacy Building on your way!
During a silent walk, the goal is to open up the senses and take a moment to connect with each one moving quietly through the space and within that silence, find silence in your mind. As your thoughts come through your head, just acknowledge them and let them go. The harder you try to stop thinking, the more you think! Instead just let the thoughts pass and return your focus back to your senses and moving your body quietly.
While you are moving to the next location, notice the noise you make as you move naturally. Then, focus on trying to be as silent as possible as you travel. Slow your pace and try to keep your footsteps noiseless while you walk.
Notice what changes in your body and your movement in order to achieve silence while in motion. Pay attention to the other sounds you notice in your environment instead of your footsteps.

  • Activity 2 Location: Outdoor sitting area behind Irvington House
  • Activity 3 Location: Near “BU” sign on Atherton Mall between Resco and Atherton Union