Route 1: Activity 4

Route 1 is on rugged, non-paved trails and takes about 60 minutes to complete, but you can take as much time as you need to move through the activities. This tour requires extensive walking on unpaved trails and is best if you have a full hour.

Activity 4: Observation Meditation (See the Detail)

As you walk, use a soft eye by relaxing the muscles behind your eyes and softening your gaze. Take in the colors, textures, and unique qualities of each plant as your walk. Keeping your eyes up and looking ahead at any potential obstacles to keep yourself safe, see the landscape not just in front of you but in your peripheral vision as well.

See if you can expand your visual field to take in 180 degrees around you. As you walk, keep this soft eye and notice what you can observe in the texture of the tree bark, all of the shades of the colors of plants and birds, flowers or buds, etc. Reflect on what attracts your attention in this space. This is called Natural Attraction. Take a moment to connect with what draws your attention.

Activity 4 Location: Paved path along road from Campus Farm toward softball field