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About Sustainability at Butler

“Butler University’s learning community provides more than outstanding academics: it prepares its students for lives of responsible global citizenship. Butler’s curricular roots in the liberal arts—along with the long-standing commitment to selflessness and integrity defined as “The Butler Way”—foster within its students a desire to think about the world differently. To make bold decisions, to aspire to their highest goals, and to enact positive change in their communities—locally, nationally, and around the world.

As administrative leaders and faculty members, we also understand that “practicing what we preach” is fundamental to The Butler Way. Just as we expect our students to set and reach imaginative and ambitious goals, so, too, must we strive for the highest levels of excellence for our University. This includes responsible stewardship of our campus, our region, and our planet.

I am therefore extremely proud of the formal commitment that Butler University [has made to become carbon neutral]. Building upon the existing efforts of Butler students, faculty, and staff, our institutional environmental stewardship will play an increasingly vital role in Butler’s curricula, student projects, campus master planning, and operations in the coming years as the University implements its new strategic plan, Butler 2020[1] . Furthermore, through this pledge to achieve [carbon] neutrality, Butler is reaffirming its commitment to serve as a champion for the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana, helping to ensure that future generations of Hoosiers inherit a healthy planet

Environmental change will continue whether we’re ready or not. The courage to make creative decisions around sustainability will enable Butler to become a University that is admired for its high academic standards, its dedication to making the world a better place, and its readiness to tackle environmental challenges with tenacity and optimism.

Butler University has made great strides toward [carbon] neutrality, and is pleased to redouble its efforts in this area moving forward.”

Butler University is a signatory of Second Nature’s Carbon Commitment, a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, and a member of the United States Green Building Council. Butler is also a Tree Campus USA University and a Gold Level Conservation Champion—the highest level of landscape conservation management identified by the Indiana Wildlife Federation.