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Summer Housing

Summer Living...On Campus


The summer housing contract is available for download here. Please print, complete and return to the office as soon as possible to ensure proper assignment and roommate matching. The deadline for priority consideration is May 1. Please note that meal plans are not offered in the summer. The C-Club and Starbucks operate throughout the summer and the Marketplace at Atherton is open based on the summer camps schedule. These options take cash, credit card and Dawg Bucks during the summer. For anyone on a spring meal plan, the last meal for non-graduates is breakfast on Wednesday, May 9 and for those graduating, lunch on Friday, May 11.


All students are able to request ResCo for summer housing. Students staying between the first half of summer and the second will be required to change rooms (to accommodate cleaning and repairs for fall opening) on Saturday, June 30.

ResCo features mostly double rooms with a very limited number of singles available. Three Resident Assistants (RAs), a full-time Residence Life Coordinator, and other Residence Life staff manage ResCo for the summer. Programming is offered and students are encouraged to participate and be an active part of the  summer community on campus.

2018 ResCo Weekly Summer Rates

Note, single rooms are not always available. 

ResCo double room $190.50 weekly
ResCo single room

$243.00 weekly


Please note, students currently living in any AV/BT/CTS/UT apartment are under contract until May 31. As long as check-out takes place on or before May 31, no additional summer contract is needed. If students wish to extend their stay past May 31 a summer contract will be needed. If students are not continuing to live in an apartment for the fall semester, they must move out (or over to ResCo) by May 31. New apartment residents may only move in on June 30 or August 1. 


2018 AV/BT/UT Weekly Summer Rates

There is a special incentive for students reclaiming their exact same bedroom within the same apartment for the fall semester. Since this is done with the understanding that no cleaning or routine painting/maintenance will be needed during the summer, we offer these students a special rate where they pay for June and get July free! This offer is only available for students reclaiming the same bedroom within the same apartment for the fall semester and who want to live there in the summer. Details about using your bedroom / apartment for summer storage are found below. 

Apartment Village $252.50 weekly
BT, CTS, UT double room $206.25 weekly
BT, CTS, UT single room $240.00 weekly
Apartment Summer Storage Options

Using your room or apartment in AV/BT/CTS/UT for storage is an option if you are returning to the exact same bedroom for the fall semester. Why move all your stuff home, only to move it all back in August? This storage is offered free of charge. Please note: 1) only students returning to their same bedroom for the fall may sign up for summer storage, 2) you can sign up for full apartment storage only if the entire apartment is returning to that same apartment for fall.

Single bedroom storage—download the contract (pdf).

Full apartment storage—(all roommates must be returning and sign up for storage)—download the contract (pdf).


Butler Summer Institute (BSI)

Please contact your program coordinator for more information about summer housing for BSI.

Summer housing contract available in April.

Summer Fusion

Please contact your program coordinator for more information.

Summer housing contract available in April.