Commuting to Butler University

Butler is a residential university. Living on campus represents an integral component of the mission of the institution by providing living and learning experiences which lead to a student’s growth and development, and an enhancement of one’s total education at Butler. Because the residential experience is such an important aspect of the Butler experience, all first-year students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in one of the University residence halls. All sophomore and junior students (including those affiliated with a Greek organization) not living at home with a parent or legal guardian will be required to live in University housing or an approved Greek housing unit of which he or she is a member. Students must live on campus for 6 semesters before they can live off-campus. Exceptions to this policy, or requests to live at home as a commuter student, must be approved in advance by the Butler University Residence Life. Online students are not eligible for housing on campus.

The Room and Board Contracts is a binding contract that obligates the student to live in his/her assigned University housing for the full academic year. Students are not excused from the contract because they attain senior status mid-year, drop below 12 credit hours, wish to live off-campus or commute from home.

Conditions for Commuting from Home

  1. The student will live with the parent, legal guardian or legal relative in their permanent/primary residence.
  2. The home is within reasonable commuting distance to Butler’s campus (within 45 miles/60 minutes).
  3. The student will live at the address listed and will not maintain any other residence for as long as the residency requirement applies (until reaching senior status). If the home address changes for any reason, an updated form must be submitted.
  4. If it should be determined that false information was provided and/or the student is discovered living elsewhere and/or the above conditions are not satisfied, student conduct charges will be filed and the student account will be billed for full room and board charges for the entire academic year.

Applying for Commuter Status

Students wishing to commute to Butler must complete the “Non-Residential Request” application. This can be accessed through the Housing Portal. For more information on the approval process, please contact the Department of Residence Life for more information.

Butler University’s Residency Requirement

It is the policy of Butler University to offer full, equal and nondiscriminatory assistance to all students without regard to their race, color, religion, nationality, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation in placement in university residential facilities. All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in University owned or operating housing for six academic year semesters except those who are: a) commuting from and residing full-time in the primary residence of their parents, legal guardians or legal relative in their permanent/primary residence which is within 45 miles of campus; or b) married or civilly unified and residing with spouse; or c) are a legal guardian of a child and residing with said child; or d) are a military veteran with 2- years of active service before enrollment; or e) if they enter with a minimum of 60 credit hours earned after completing high school at another accredited college or university that will be transferred and accepted by Butler University. Study abroad/away is considered a semester living on- campus. Transfer students must live in Butler owned/operated housing unless they meet one of the criteria above.

All campus housing includes both room and required dining plans with the exception of the apartment communities (South Campus Apartments, Butler Terrace, and Apartment Village). Apartment community residents may purchase community-dining plans through the link on the Butler Dining page. All room and board contracts are academic year agreements.

Greek Chapter houses, on Butler University’s campus, are independently owned and operated by local or national housing corporations. Each Chapter has a room and dining contract that is consistent with their national/international office. Greek chapter housing is considered on- campus housing for continuing sophomore and junior students. Some chapters may require seniors to live in their chapter house. If a Chapter house does not have space for all affiliated sophomore and juniors students, they must live in Butler owned/operated on-campus housing. Chapters do not release students to off-campus status.

The University reserves the right to enforce any restrictions or regulations necessary for the general safety, welfare of residents and/or the maintenance of its property. Under certain conditions, students may apply for a special exemptions to the Residency Policy. If provided an exception, or living off- campus as a senior student, all are expected to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws as well as the Student Code of Conduct of Butler University. Students living off- campus or commuting from home are Butler University students and must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Updated 04/26/2024