Office of Student Advocacy

Welcome to the Office of Student Advocacy

The Office of Student Advocacy is a University-wide initiative housed in the Dean of Students office that is designed for any Butler students who are experiencing difficult circumstances or trauma that is creating challenges during their time at Butler University. We also provide education and skills training to the student body so that they can better advocate for themselves and others.  

The Office of Student Advocacy also aims to provide crisis support and case management services to support students who are experiencing challenges, distress, or crises that impact their social, personal, or academic goals. The Director of Student Advocacy collaborates with offices across campus and in the community to provide comprehensive outreach and resources for students.

The Office of Student Advocacy acts as a confidential resource for students who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct (sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, exploitation, harassment, etc). The Director of Student Advocacy will start by believing and will offer options to minimize and treat physical harm, assist with processing the unique and complex emotional aftermath, and help preserve evidence and explain the option for reporting. For more information about support and reporting, visit the Title IX website for the University.

The options and resources listed throughout this website are just that—options and resources. We cannot guarantee help or assistance on behalf of the off-campus organizations on these lists, and they are not endorsed options. They are resources within a certain distance of campus that can help you with a variety of needs.