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Butler University actively fosters an inclusive environment of respect where differences are honored. All individuals who work, study, and participate in Butler activities have the right to be free of harassment and discrimination. Fostering a Community of C.A.R.E. and creating a campus environment free of harassment is everyone's responsibility. Speak up. If you become aware of discriminatory/harassing behaviors, intervene. Respond to the situation and report the behavior: 

  • Students report to: Sally Click, Student Affairs, or University Police at 317-940-9396
  • Faculty/Staff report to: Tammy Pressler, Human Resources, or Michelle Jarvis, Associate Provost,, or University Police at 317-940-9396. 

Non-Discrimination Notice

The Notice of Non-Discrimination promotes a diverse and inclusive environment vital to honoring Butler’s founding and looking to our innovative future.

Community of C.A.R.E

Community of C.A.R.E. describes our encouraging and supportive atmosphere and our collective responsibility fosters a strong, healthy, and connected community.


Understanding how Butler defines key words and phrases, helps us follow the policies that protect our rights.


Access to on-campus and off-campus resources can help any community understand and process their experiences.