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Residence Life

Returning Student Housing

All current Butler University students must set their housing intention and housing and dining contract regardless of whether they plan to live on campus, live in their Greek chapter house, commute, or be away for a semester (study abroad, internship, etc.) during early spring semester. More specific information will be communicated via e-mail.

As a reminder, students are required to live on campus for six semesters in Butler-affiliated housing. This includes semesters spent away on study abroad or off-site internships. 

Please take a moment to review the Butler University Residency Policy below. 


**Rising sophomores will need to select a Butler Dining-approved plan for the upcoming school year.** 

Butler University Residency Policy

Butler University Residency Policy

Butler’s Residency Policy requires that all full-time first- year, sophomore, junior, International and transfer undergraduate students live in approved University housing (this includes in good standing Greek Chapter houses).  Only students who have lived on campus for six semesters during the regular academic year may choose to live off-campus as seniors.  The only exceptions to this policy are for those who are a) commuting from and residing full-time in the primary residence of their parents or guardians which is within 30 miles driving distance of campus; or b) married or civilly unified and residing with spouse; or c) are a legal guardian of a child and residing with the child; or d) over 26 years of age at the start of the academic year; or e) are a military Veteran with 2 years of active service .

All campus housing includes both room and dining plans with the exception of University Terrace, Apartment Village, South Campus Apartments and Butler Terrace units.  Residents living in these units may purchase a dining plan. Students living in approved housing in their Greek Chapter house are billed for a room and dining plan through the Chapter Housing Corporation or though the Office of Residence Life on behalf of the Chapter. All chapters must offer a dining program of at least 15 meals a week.

The University reserves the right to enforce any restrictions or regulations necessary for the general welfare of residents and/or the maintenance of its property. Under certain conditions, the University may grant requests for special permission for an exception to the Residence Policy.  If provided an exception, students are expected to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

Summer Housing

If you are going to be on campus for the summertime, we will be offering some housing in Apartment Village that is billed on a weekly basis. More information about applications for summer housing will be updated on this page in early spring.

All summer housing contracts will end by July 24, 2020.

Quick Facts

  • Rising sophomores—Likely to live in Fairview House or Residential College. New this year, residents can select rooms in Fairview without needing to fill an entire suite unit.
  • Rising juniors—Open houses for our four apartment communities will take place later in February.
  • Students affiliated with Greek chapter houses will learn from their Chapter if they will need to live in the chapter house or have the opportunity to be included in housing selection.
  • New living/dining furniture available in the fall for all of our apartment units (except Butler Terrace that will remain a “design-your-own-space option” for those students who desire that type of apartment living.) Junior and Senior students who live in the other apartment communities will not need to bring any furniture next year, making it much easier on our students and families.
  • Research continues to show that students who live on campus are more engaged and academically successful.  
  • Commuter Students, your home must be within 30 miles of campus. An application must be filled out, notarized, and certified to confirm this status.