Doctor of Medical Science Program Faculty

Full-Time Faculty & Staff

Jennifer Zorn
Headshot of Jennifer Zorn

Renee Andreeff
Headshot of Renee Andreeff

Raymond Eifel
Headshot of Raymond Eifel
Associate Professor – Medical Sciences

Allison Ermol
Assistant Professor
Jennifer Snyder
Headshot of Jennifer Snyder
Professor and Associate Dean

Katie Coby
Headshot of Katie Coby
Admission & Marketing Coordinator

DMS Adjunct Faculty

Timi Agar
Adjunct – DMS
Katie Beaudoin
Adjunct – DMS

Sandra Keavey
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John Lopes
Headshot of John Lopes
Adjunct – COPHS
Ashley Malliett
Headshot of Ashley Malliett
Adjunct – COPHS
Folusho Ogunfiditimi
Headshot of Folusho Ogunfiditimi

Josanne Pagel
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Joel Ruetz
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