DMS Degree Programmatic Capstone Requirement

Entry-level PA program curricula must include instruction to prepare students to search, interpret, and evaluate the medical literature, including its application to individualized patient care. The Butler Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) degree program builds on this existing scholarly knowledge. Scholarship in the DMS degree program is defined as those activities that systematically advance the teaching, research, and practice of medicine through rigorous inquiry that: is significant to the profession; can be documented; can be replicated or elaborated; and can be peer-reviewed through various methods.

Students are required to complete a scholarly activity designed to target a novel problem or current issue in either clinical practice, leadership, or research. The student is required to work closely with a doctoral faculty advisor to develop, formally approve, and finalize the scholarly activity. In particular, the scholarly activity should focus in one of four aspects: discovery, teaching, applications in clinical practice, or integration of ideas. These areas support the values of a profession committed to both social relevance and scientific advancement. This description is not intended as prescriptive, nor as exclusive of other considerations, but may be used to guide the student in developing their scholarly activity. The capstone requirement may be initiated upon the successful completion of 10 course modules.