DMS Certificates Tuition

Tuition for each certificate is $750 per credit hour.  There are no fees charged in the program. Textbooks, which are available online, are included in tuition. Changes to tuition pricing most typically occur with the start of the summer semester, Session A, but changes can occur at any time. Students are billed per semester based on the number of credit hours they are taking.

Flat-Rate Tuition 

If you are enrolled in the DMS degree program with a concentration and seek an additional certificate, the program is based on flat-rate pricing so there will not be an increase in credit hour costs from the time you start classes until you finish the program at the expected standard pace of nine semesters or sooner.

Flat-rate pricing for students accepted into a DMS certificate program will be extended to 11 semesters or sooner which is the timeline if the student applies and is accepted prior to completion of their DMS degree course requirements.  Should you take more time than 11 months for completion of the DMS degree course requirements and DMS certificate requirements combined, the credit hour cost from the 12th semester forward will be the tuition cost at the time.

For a full breakdown on cost of university attendance, click here.

Potential Discounts

Butler makes payment plans and loan options available to its graduate students. Visit the Financial Aid website for more information.

Butler University recognizes and thanks those for their commitment to military service. As a military-friendly University, we certify Chapter 33-Post-911, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606, and Chapter 1607 education benefits for use at Butler. Learn more about Veterans Admissions Information.

 *DMS PA Educator and Healthcare Practice and Administration Certificates are Federal Aid Eligible