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The Butler MBA

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The Butler MBA Program

Take Your Career to the Next Level.

At Butler, we believe in experience. The Butler MBA is where academic rigor meets hands-on experience in a collaborative partnership between students, faculty, and local businesses. From the initial Gateway Experience to the concluding Capstone Experience, our curriculum emphasizes blending theory and practice in a flexible, self-paced, and student-focused environment.

Students can pursue a General MBA or pursue a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, International Business, Leadership, or Marketing. After completing the pre-requisites, 30 hours of core classes, eight hours of electives, and countless hands-on experiences, our students are prepared to make an impact.

It’s never the wrong time to begin the path to your success.

GMAT Prep Courses

There's no better way to alleviate the stress of an upcoming exam than with the Butler MBA GMAT prep course. We want you to feel as prepared as possible, that's why we designed our first prep course to help MBA hopefuls overcome their exam stress. Our course includes 27 hours of instruction from GMAT experts with over 20 years of experience designing GMAT questions for international test prep companies. Learn more about course and how to enroll.

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The Butler part-time MBA is ranked 25th in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek, and is the highest ranked part-time program in the state.


The Butler College of Business is accredited by AACSB International, the gold standard for business school education. Students who choose Butler are choosing a school with a distinction that less than 5% of institutions worldwide receive. 

Advantages of the Butler MBA

Classroom to Boardroom

Perfect combination of classroom and boardroom

At Butler, learning isn’t confined to the classroom. The curriculum is saturated with experiential learning, meaning the program is filled with opportunities to apply classroom concepts to real-world situations. The Gateway Experience and Capstone Experience allow students to be heavily involved in real business problems from their first day to their last day. Students leave prepared for the next level, and beyond.

Your degree, your pace

Your degree, your pace

The Butler MBA is not cohort-based education. Students create their own schedules, within the structure of the classes offered, and choose their own course loads, allowing them to learn at their own pace and balance the demands of work, school, and life. On average, students complete their Butler MBA in 2 ½ years, but you have up to five years to finish at the pace that’s right for you.

A leadership coach

A leadership coach, an advantage for life

Every student is assigned a personal leadership coach who is an expert in their field. Our coaches help hone leadership skills, provide advice, and form the cornerstone of our students’ post-graduate network. The leadership coaching program enhances professional development, adding value to our students’ degrees.

MBA Networking

Building your network from day one

Butler MBA students graduate with a powerful network of allies, allowing them to advance their careers or forge entirely new paths. Building their network does not stop upon graduation. The MBA Association plans monthly events, so students and alumni have the opportunity to regularly expand their networks.