Scholarly Communication

The Scholarly Communication division at Butler University Libraries helps scholars use, create, and publish scholarship in ways that promote open access, accessibility, and responsible dissemination of intellectual work. The Scholarly Communication division is here to help faculty, staff, and students with expertise during the traditional scholarly publishing cycle, with digital scholarship needs, or any other stages of the research timeline.

Open Access Policy

The Butler University Faculty Senate adopted an open access policy on April 28, 2020. This policy shows Butler University’s commitment to disseminating the fruits of research and scholarship as widely as possible. Open access policies increase authors’ rights, readership and citation rates for scholarly articles. The opt out provision ensures that all faculty authors have the freedom to publish in the journal of their choice.

Digital Scholarship

Interested in digital scholarship? Curious about how to incorporate technology in the classroom or in your own research? Are you in need of visualizing your data?

We’re excited to collaborate with you on your digital projects and to help you experiment with new kinds of research and learning.

Digital Commons @ Butler

Increase Your Research Impact

The Digital Commons @ Butler University is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of Butler University to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Indiana, but throughout the country and beyond. This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefits both content creators and Butler University as well.

Our services include:

  • Copyright consultations
  • Helping with Copyright and License Agreements from your publisher. We can help you retain the most rights possible
  • Checking publisher copyright permissions for your published articles
  • Helping identify open access journals in your field

Digital Commons ensures that a copy of your work is preserved, so you’ll never need to track down your manuscript again! Digital Commons will also provide monthly readership reports which include statistics on the number of views, downloads, and social media shares your scholarship has created!

If you would like to deposit your scholarship in Digital Commons, review our Digital Commons Checklist and email us at Our Scholarly Communications Team will contact you with more information and for copies of your author manuscripts.

Scholarly Communications Team

Jennifer Coronado
Headshot of Jennifer Coronado
Scholarly Communication Librarian – Associate Professor
Cale Erwin
Headshot of Cale Erwin
Scholarly Communication Associate

Request a Consultation

If you’re interested in one of more of the services we offer but are still unsure of how to proceed, request to sit down with our team and we’d be happy to explore all the different options for your particular project or idea.