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Irwin Lobby
Butler University Libraries

Library Hours

Regular Summer Sessions 1 & 2 Hours

(Mon. May 13—Sat. August 17)

Days Irwin Science
Monday—Thursday 8 AM—8 PM 8 AM—8 PM
Friday 8 AM—5 PM 8 AM—5 PM
Saturday Noon—5 PM CLOSED
Sunday CLOSED 1 PM—5 PM


Intersession Weekend (June 29—30)

Dates Irwin Science
June 29 (Sat.) CLOSED CLOSED
June 30 (Sun.) CLOSED 1 PM—5 PM


Fourth of July (July 4)

Dates Irwin Science


Intersession Weekend (August 17—18)

Dates Irwin Science
Aug. 17 (Sat.) CLOSED CLOSED
Aug. 18 (Sun.) CLOSED CLOSED


Post-Summer and Pre-Fall Semester Hours (August 19—29)

Dates Irwin Science
Aug. 19—23 (Mon.—Fri.) 8 AM—5 PM 8 AM—5 PM
Aug. 24—25 (Sat.—Sun.) CLOSED CLOSED
Aug. 26—29 (Mon.—Thu.) 8 AM—8 PM 8 AM—5 PM