If you’re a former student who appreciated the peace and quiet (or occasionally, fun and games) provided by Butler University Libraries, we would appreciate your gifts to help us continue to offer great resources, spaces and services to current and future Bulldogs. Please reach out to the Office of University Advancement and indicate you’d like to support the Libraries.

While we do appreciate old books in certain circumstances, we have found that accepting discarded items from personal collections is not a strategy for building a collection relevant to the needs of today’s students. Therefore, the Libraries do not accept gifts of books, magazines, journals, or other physical materials, and we do not accept unsolicited or anonymous gifts of items of any kind.

We do, however, appreciate offers of items for our Special Collections, Rare Books, and University Archives department if those items help document the history of Butler University, or further our teaching mission. Offers of rare or unique books, personal papers, photographs, or other collections should be sent to Head of Special Collections Gayle O’Hara for review.