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Irwin Library in snow


Irwin Library COVID-19 Update (3/19)

The following are updates on library services, most intended for Butler faculty, now that online instruction will be in place for the full spring semester.

  • Physical Location Changes:  Irwin Library is now closed, including access to the relocated IT Help Desk. The Science Library will be closed beginning March 19. Always consult the library website for up-to-date hours.
  • Chat hours: We have created a schedule to ensure that a librarian is available on chat from 7:00AM-10:00PM Monday - Thursday, 7:00AM-5:00PM Friday, and 12PM-10PM Sundays.  This chat schedule will remain in effect for the duration of the online learning period. Chat is located here:  You can also reach out to your liaison librarian via email;  librarians and their liaison departments are available here.  Alert your students to the chat service!
  • Resource Requests:  We understand that there may be resources that you planned on using in class that students may no longer have access to, such as books on reserve or DVDs you planned on showing in class.  If you let us know what you need, we will investigate online availability. We can sometimes license videos for streaming or purchase eBooks at a multi-user level. Contact your liaison for assistance with this. Some publishers are making material available and updating their policies for the current time, the link to the Google doc is continually updating as more publishers are making changes ( 
  • Linking to Resources:  Please feel free to put links in Canvas to any of our online resources that you want the students to use.  Many of our resources (EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, etc.) have permalink options on the detailed result screen. Please use these whenever they are available.  Most of our resources will need the EZProxy prefix ( added to the beginning of the URLs so that students can access them off-campus, but the permalink (or “share”) functionality of these platforms may add it automatically.  If you're not sure whether a link you are using will work off-campus for your students, feel free to send it to your liaison librarian to check. Don’t forget you can link to Library LibGuides within Canvas as well; contact your librarian for LibGuide URLs.
  • Library training:  If there is any sort of training you or your students need on how to use or find resources, please let us know.  Librarians can create LibGuides or tutorials. Additionally, librarians are still available for research consultations virtually (via Zoom, chat, email, phone).
  • Add your Librarian as a Teaching Assistant in Canvas:  Librarians can be embedded into your Canvas sections by assigning them as a ‘Teacher’ or ‘Teaching Assistant’ in Canvas.  In this role, students can easily contact their librarians for the class within the Canvas environment, the librarian can link LibGuides to your course, and provide additional library research support to students by sending out announcements or setting up a discussion.  Directions on how to assign librarians to your course can be found at this Canvas FAQ
  • Interlibrary Loan Changes: We are suspending interlibrary loan of physical items at this time (traditional ILL and PALshare borrowing).  Many other libraries are also doing this nation-wide. Requests that were in process prior to the announcement of the campus going virtual are still going through but we will not borrow or lend physical items for the duration of the crisis.  Electronic requests, such as article requests or book chapters will be submitted, but delays due to staffing at other libraries may occur.
  • Fine Forgiveness:  During the online learning period, fines will not accrue should your library materials become due.  We are asking that if you are coming to the library to simply return an item(s) and nothing more, that you put the item(s) in the book drop which is accessible from outside (left of the front entrance doors).
  • Experiencing Problems:  As we and many other institutions nation-wide transition to virtual classrooms, we expect to see more issues with the online resources.  Some of these problems may be ongoing problems that were just never noticed before and some issues may develop as our e-resource providers experience more server traffic than they have previously experienced.  If you notice a problem, it can be submitted using this form, or you may email directly into the ticketing queue here:  Submitting issues to the queue ensures that everyone with the skillset to address the issue is notified immediately and it makes sure that the access problem report doesn't get lost in anyone's email.