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Interior of the Business Building, home of the Lacy School of Business
Andre B. Lacy School of Business


Business Student

Business Starts When Class Begins.

There's a reason our Economics majors are among the most sought after in business. Building on a solid foundation of core economic principles, with a focus on understanding of public policy and individual decision-making, we equip students with skills to think critically and to anticipate and rise to challenges.

Real-world experience through internships allows students to apply theoretical concepts from class, obtaining a deeper understanding of material, and a working knowledge of financial institutions and markets.

Economics Curriculum

What We Offer

  • A student-focused experience, with the student advised by a faculty member in economics
  • A broad business foundation and the tools necessary for success in nearly all aspects of business
  • Opportunities to tutor other students in economics
  • Skills needed to work in a wide range of disciplines including financial institutions, corporate management programs, and government
  • Preparation for further education in law, economics, international programs, and business administration


Economics majors are prepared to help firms understand and adapt to rapidly changing economic environments. Butler graduates have worked as commodity traders, database analysts, mechanical engineers, IT project managers, and more. They are hired by organizations including Cummins, Harding Poorman, WestPoint Financial Group, and CIK Enterprises.


Students can earn either a B.S. through the Lacy School of Business or a B.A. through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). The Lacy School program provides a foundation for the study of specialized business disciplines and aids in choosing good government policies. The LAS program provides students with problem-solving skills to make informed decisions.