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Interior of the Business Building, home of the Lacy School of Business
Andre B. Lacy School of Business

Applied Business Technology

Business Technology in the Connected World.

The Applied Business Technology (ABT) program emphasizes the application of technology to business problem-solving by equipping our students with practical skills needed to successfully compete in a global, connected, and technology-driven world. Students learn to leverage technology to innovate and make data-driven decisions in areas such as management information systems, global supply chains, business analytics, and technology entrepreneurship. ABT students develop technological agility and understanding of the factors influencing managerial decisions and focus on the interaction of technology with people and business processes. ABT prepares leaders for business technology in the connected world. There are two tracks for the ABT program: Management Information Systems (MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Applied Business Technology Curriculum

Management Information Systems Track: 

Management Information Systems (MIS) focuses on leveraging technology for efficient business management and competitive advantage. Organizations need people who understand business, technology, and possess excellent communication skills.  ABT majors with a focus in MIS will obtain skills in information systems and data management, delivery, and analysis. MIS topics such as database management, ERP, e-commerce, data networks, business modeling and other contemporary technologies will be explored. Additionally, students have the option to delve into the world of IT entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and machine learning. Upon completion students will be prepared to help businesses in managing information systems, technology innovation or being technology startup as a leader with both managerial communication skills and the technical agility required in business.

Supply Chain Management Track: 

Supply Chain Management (SCM) track students will focus on gaining a better understanding of the methods and techniques needed to build and maintain resilient and sustainable service, production, and logistics systems.  ABT Majors with a focus in SCM will develop insights and skills that will leverage their talents in understanding and managing buyer and supplier relationships from a local and global perspectives, the role of sustainability, procurement, and logistics by analyzing data and trends.  Upon completion, students will be prepared to design, develop, and implement sustainable improvements and proven best practices throughout their careers.

What We Offer

The Applied Business Technology (ABT) undergraduate program prepares students to be technologically flexible by developing strong technical, strategic, and communication skills.  

  • Program courses are taught by full-time faculty with extensive business experience, published academic research, and a global mindset.
  • Courses include data and operations analysis projects that introduce students to real-world business opportunities with regional and national companies.
  • Several courses include facility visits and research opportunities for undergraduates, including direct interactions with national and international Fortune 500 firms.
  • Students learn analytic skills using software on multiple system platforms.

ABT vs. Computer Science

Computer Science focuses on the internal workings of technology and on improving technology itself through the implementation of algorithms. ABT focuses on how people, business processes, and technology can be leveraged and better shared to meet an organization's goals. Computer Science answers the question, "How can we make technology work?", whereas ABT answers the question, "How can we help businesses to use technology to solve problems and make better decisions?" 

ABT Careers

ABT majors help organizations use technology to solve problems and create new business opportunities. Butler graduates have held positions as Systems Analyst, Wealth Management Analyst, Project Manager, Solutions Engineer, Supply Chain Consultant, Broker, Risk Advisor, Manufacturing Technologist, and more. They have been hired by organizations including AIG, Anthem Health, Charles Schwab, Eli Lilly, Roche, Indiana University Health, JP Morgan, Cummins, Rolls Royce, Johnson & Johnson, Kronos Inc., Salesforce, SpaceX, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.