Make Your Mark

Our Marketing program offers a transformative educational experience, exposing students not only to marketing but all aspects of business. Our program prepares students to think and act strategically as decision-makers and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We blend field experience with intensive coursework to graduate students who are confident, professional, and eager to accept the challenges facing today’s world. Students in our program have the opportunity to learn how to think critically about real-world scenarios from experienced marketing professionals.

The marketing curriculum is designed to help students gain knowledge in many areas of marketing including digital tactics, artificial intelligence, market research and analytics, advertising, sales, and international marketing. The wide range of marketing topics covered is intentional and equips students with a number of skills to meet their future goals. Like other majors in the Lacy School of Business, marketing majors are required to complete two internships, which can be satisfied either on campus, in the Indianapolis community, at home, or abroad.

We establish and maintain meaningful connections with businesses that recognize the value of a Butler Marketing major. Many national firms hire more than one Butler Marketing intern at a time and come back to us year-after-year seeking more of our talent.

What We Offer  

  • Marketing majors take sales courses that require them to “sell” a good or service to a sales professional or alumnus/a
  • Opportunity to partner with a local firm to examine and help provide solutions to a pressing problem
  • Through the development of two business plans, students have the opportunity to craft and execute a marketing creation for their business
  • Students have been involved in marketing research projects with local businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Networking and real-world experiences through two required internships
  • Opportunity to learn about the intersections between marketing and cutting edge technology – like digital tools, artificial intelligence, and eSports.

Marketing Curriculum


Marketing majors are prepared to think and act strategically as decision-makers. Butler graduates have held positions as customer performance analysts, event consultants, production managers, digital marketing specialists, and more. Students were hired by organizations including Angie’s List, Delta Faucet, Vera Bradley, Eli Lilly, and Whirlpool.