Full Invested

The Finance program provides highly motivated students with the practical foundation, real-world experience, and connections to graduate confidently into the financial workplace. Our customizable program allows students to tailor studies to individual interests, while student-managed investment funds, required internships, and participation in national competitions instill confidence and deliver substantial hands-on experience to undergraduates.

  • The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) gives undergraduate students the opportunity to manage millions of dollars of the University endowment
  • Customizable program with a focus on either corporate finance, investments, or a combination of both
  • Opportunities to participate in industry competitions including the CFA® Research Challenge, where Butler students have advanced to the Americas finals in New York City and Seattle
  • Involvement in a $2 million private equity fund, as well as an annual trip to investment banks in New York City
  • Two required internships leading to exceptional placement rates in both investment and corporate finance areas
  • Course content mapped to the Chartered Financial Analyst® Candidate Body of Knowledge
Finance Curriculum

122 Total Credit Hours (Includes Butler University Core Requirements)

Business Core Requirements

  • MA 125/106, Math
  • EI 101, First Year Business Experience
  • MS 100, Business Applications w/Excel
  • ORG, 215 Speech for Business
  • AC 203, Introduction to Accounting
  • EI 201, Real Business Experience I
  • EC 231, Principles of Microeconomics
  • LE 263, Legal Environment of Business
  • MS 264, Business Statistics
  • LE 264, Business Ethics
  • MS 265, Information Technology
  • AC 204, Introduction Accounting II
  • EC 232, Principles of Macroeconomics
  • FN 340, Corporate Finance
  • MK 380, Introduction of Marketing
  • MS 350, Operations Management
  • MG 360, Organizational Behavior
  • LE 365, Business Law I
  • MS 365, Information Technology II
  • MG 490, Strategy Capstone

University Electives (12 hours)

LAS Electives (6 hours)

Career Development Requirements

  • LSB 101, Professional & Career Development 1
  • LSB 102, Professional & Career Development 2
  • LSB 201, Professional & Career Development 3
  • LSB 202, Professional & Career Development 4
  • LSB 301, Professional & Career Development 5
  • LSB 302, Professional & Career Development 6
  • LSB 401, Internship I
  • LSB 402, Internship II

Major Courses

  • FN 347, Investments
  • FN 451, International Financial Mgmt
  • FN Electives (9 hours)

University Core Requirements

  • FYS 101/102, First Year Seminar
  • GHS (6 hours) Global & Historical Studies
  • PCA Perspective in Creative Arts
  • PWB Physical Well Being
  • NW Natural World
  • TI Texts & Ideas


Finance students work in sector-based teams, making buy/sell decisions on a weekly basis. As a whole, student groups have consistently beaten their S&P benchmark. The class started with $1 million and were so successful that the University provided them with another million to manage. Based on successful investments, students currently manage over $3 million in actual endowment funds.