Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We Learn Business by Building Our Own

Entrepreneurs make waves, they shake things up, and make things better. We help our students funnel their passion into action by imparting the fundamentals of the dynamic process of innovation: crafting something unique, adding value by applying an innovative mindset, and taking calculated risks. We produce graduates who are confident, adaptable, and forward thinking, through real business start-up experiences, internships, and mentorships. They leave Butler prepared to make their own way.

What We Offer

  • Build confidence early on. By the end of your sophomore year, you will have created and run your own business.
  • Highly experiential. Not only do you run a business, you will interact with business professionals, guest speakers, and participate in innovative classroom environment driven by the students.
  • Real money. The university offers a loan of up to $400 for the proof of concept stage, and an additional loan of up to $5,000 if the business model is approved by a funding panel.
  • Mentors. Classes are facilitated by an experienced team of faculty and professional mentors who coach the businesses. This creates an interactive experience in which the facilitators learn as much as the students.
  • Trade shows. Students participate in an annual trade show to showcase the businesses that have been developed.
  • Community partnerships. We consistently bring collaborative partners to campus, and also leverage opportunities to engage our students in the community.
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Curriculum

122 Total Credit Hours (Includes Butler University Core Requirements)

Business Core Requirements

  • MA 125/106, Math
  • EI 101, First Year Business Experience
  • MS 100, Business Applications w/Excel
  • ORG 215, Speech for Business
  • AC 203, Introduction to Accounting
  • EI 201, Real Business Experience I
  • EC 231, Principles of Microeconomics
  • LE 263, Legal Environment of Business
  • MS 264, Business Statistics
  • LE 264, Business Ethics
  • MS 265, Information Technology
  • AC 204, Introduction Accounting II
  • EC 232, Principles of Macroeconomics
  • FN 340, Corporate Finance
  • MK 380, Introduction of Marketing
  • MS 350, Operations Management
  • MG 360, Organizational Behavior
  • LE 365, Business Law I
  • MS 365, Information Technology II
  • MG 490, Strategy Capstone

University Electives (12 hours)

LAS Electives (6 hours)

Career Development Requirements

  • LSB 101, Professional & Career Development 1
  • LSB 102, Professional & Career Development 2
  • LSB 201, Professional & Career Development 3
  • LSB 202, Professional & Career Development 4
  • LSB 301, Professional & Career Development 5
  • LSB 302, Professional & Career Development 6
  • LSB 401, Internship I
  • LSB 402, Internship II

Major Courses

  • EI 346, Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EI 315, Creativity and Innovation
  • EI 485, Entrepreneurial Accelerator
  • EI Electives (6 hours)

University Core Requirements

  • FYS 101/102, First Year Seminar
  • GHS (6 hours) Global & Historical Studies
  • PCA Perspective in Creative Arts
  • PWB Physical Well Being
  • NW Natural World
  • TI Texts & Ideas



All students will take this sophomore-level course in which teams develop a viable business plan, present the concept to a panel of executives and, if funded, have the option to start and run the business for credit and profit. Students can continue on to participate in an awards competition, with support from Zotec Partners.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation FAQs

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation major at Butler educates students on the fundamentals of developing something unique with creative, action-oriented perspectives. The program offers courses such as entrepreneurial finance, salesmanship, and required practicum where students run their own businesses. Students in Butler’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation program will successfully create, evaluate, and implement business plans and strategies for their business endeavors or others.

Entrepreneurs can create their own businesses, but many choose to help others improve already existing businesses, products, and services. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation major at Butler prepares students for careers as independent entrepreneurs, as managers of new-venture divisions of major corporations and other innovative corporate endeavors, or in venture capital and investment banking activities.