Business Starts When Class Begins

There’s a reason our Economics majors are among the most sought after in business. Building on a solid foundation of core economic principles, with a focus on understanding of public policy and individual decision-making, we equip students with skills to think critically and to anticipate and rise to challenges. Real-world experience through internships allows students to apply theoretical concepts from class, obtaining a deeper understanding of material, and a working knowledge of financial institutions and markets.

  • A student-focused experience, with the student advised by a faculty member in economics
  • A broad business foundation and the tools necessary for success in nearly all aspects of business
  • Opportunities to tutor other students in economics
  • Skills needed to work in a wide range of disciplines including financial institutions, corporate management programs, and government
  • Preparation for further education in law, economics, international programs, and business administration


Students can earn either a B.S. through the Lacy School of Business or a B.A. through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). The Lacy School program provides a foundation for the study of specialized business disciplines and aids in choosing good government policies. The LAS program provides students with problem-solving skills to make informed decisions.