Each major in the Lacy School of Business has specific courses unique to them outside of the required LSB and University core curriculum that every student must complete. You can find the full, four-year curriculum sheets, which include both major-specific courses and core curriculum, through your academic advisor, from the LSB Undergraduate Office or by logging into Ask.Butler and searching, “LSB Curriculum.”

The following is a list of all upper-level courses you have the option to take under each major:

100S Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
AC301 Intermediate Accounting 1
AC302 Intermediate Accounting II
AC310 Advanced Managerial Accounting
AC320 Auditing
AC325 Accounting Information Systems
AC342 Financial Statements Analysis
AC406 Fundamentals of Income Taxation

MS370 Data Networks/Communication Systems
MS372 Database Design
MS374 Web Design and E-Commerce
MS375 Systems Analysis and Design
MS377 Health Care Information and Technology Management
MS378 Data Analysis and Business Modeling
MS379 Contemporary Technologies
MS465 Enterprise Information Systems
MS466 Capstone: Applied Case with Systems Analysis and Project Management
MS495 Special Topics: International and Sustainable Supply Chains
SE132 Introduction to Python Programming

EC332 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC336 Comparative Economic Systems
EC339 Economic History of the United States
EC342 Law and Economics
EC346 Health Care Economics
EC351 Urban Economics
EC352 Personnel Economics
EC354 Intermediate Microeconomics
EC355 Money and Banking
EC391 Environmental and Natural Resources
EC434 Public Finance
EC438 Economic History of Europe
EC462 Mathematical Economics
EC464 Quantitative Methods: Econometrics

EI315 Creativity and Innovation
EI325 Social Entrepreneurship
EI346 Entrepreneurial Finance

Exploratory Business majors take only Lacy School of Business and University core. A specific major must be declared by the end of sophomore year. Visit your academic advisor or the Secretary of Undergraduate Programming for an Exploratory Business curriculum sheet.

FN340 Corporate Finance
FN342 Financial Statement Analysis
FN346 Entrepreneurial Finance
FN347 Investments
FN352 Real Estate Principles
FN371 Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets
FN450 Derivatives Securities & Risk Management
FN451 International Financial Management
FN470 Applied Portfolio Management

IB320 International Business Environment
IB323 Contemporary Business in East Asia
IB336 Comparative Economic Systems
IB367 Legal Aspects of International Business
IB433 International Economics
IB451 International Finance Management
IB460 International Organizational Behavior
IB491 International Marketing

MK381 Salesmanship and Sales Management
MK384 Marketing Analytics
MK385 Marketing Research
MK386 Health Care Marketing
MK471 Advertising and Promotion Management
MK480 Marketing Management and Strategy
MK483 Consumer Behavior
MK486 Digital Marketing
MK491 International Marketing
Retail Marketing

RM350 Introduction to Risk Management
RM360 Insurance Company Operations
RM370 Employee Benefits & Retirement Planning
RM450 Derivatives Securities & Risk Management
RM460 Commercial Property Liability Insurance