Lacy School Staff

LSB Staff

Luke Bickel
Headshot of Luke Bickel
Director of Graduate Programs

Amy Burke
Headshot of Amy Burke
Director of Assurance of Learning – LSB

Rebecca Cesarz Cibor
Headshot of Rebecca Cesarz Cibor
Academic Advisor Lacy School of Business

Amy Chambers
Headshot of Amy Chambers
Events, Marketing & Recruitment Manager

JJ DeBrosse
Headshot of JJ DeBrosse
Director of Graduate and Professional Recruitment

Ashley O’Riley
Program Coordinator of LSB Graduate Programs

Amber Rowland
Headshot of Amber Rowland
Director of Budgets and Personnel

Administrative Support

Jeanine Cooper
Headshot of Jeanine Cooper
Administrative Specialist, LSB Undergraduate

Beth Falkenbach
Headshot of Beth Falkenbach
Administrative Specialist

Patti Lamb
Headshot of Patti Lamb
Administrative Specialist to the Deans – LSB

Amanda Ryan
Headshot of Amanda Ryan
Administrative Specialist to LSB Department Chairs and Faculty