MBA Academic Policies and Standards

Time Limits

Once admitted into the Butler MBA Program, you must register for at least one 500 level class within one year of your entry term or your admission will expire and you must re-apply to the MBA program. For example, if admitted for the fall 2019 term, you must enroll in either fall 2019, spring 2020, or summer 2020.

Core MBA Courses: Once you enroll in your first 500 level course, you have 5 years—15 consecutive semesters, including summer—to complete the Butler MBA Program.

Grade Requirements for Graduate Core and Concentration Courses (500 level courses)

To continue in the Butler MBA Program, a student must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above. If a student fails to achieve a 3.0 average after completing 8 credit hours, (s)he will be placed on academic probation. If the student is on academic probation and does not achieve a 2.9 grade point average after completing 15 hours, (s)he will be dismissed from the program. A student must have a 3.0+ grade point average to graduate from the Butler MBA Program.

No grade below C-minus is deemed to satisfy graduate degree requirements. Grades below C-minus are not counted towards the completion of the degree requirements and must be retaken.  See “Repeat Grade Policy” for how the cumulative grade point average is calculated after a class is repeated.

Repeat Grade Policy

A student, with approval of the MBA Program Director, may repeat a course one time. Only the most recent attempt will count in his/her cumulative grade point average, regardless of whether the new grade is better or worse than the first attempt. When repeating a course, a student may not withdraw from the course unless the student withdraws from the University that semester.  Once a class is repeated, the second attempt grade will be used in the cumulative GPA calculation.  The old grade will remain on the student’s transcript, but will not factor into the cumulative GPA.

Credit Limits

Students who are working full-time may take no more than 8 graduate credits in fall and spring semesters and no more than 6 total graduate credits in the summer semester.

For additional academic policies and standards, see the Butler University Student Handbook available from Registration and Records.