Management, Marketing, International Business, and Supply Chain Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Margaret Padgett
Headshot of Margaret Padgett
Associate Professor of Management


Francis Bowen
Headshot of Francis Bowen
Assistant Professor of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Matthew Caito
Headshot of Matthew Caito
Lecturer in Operations Management

Cathy Chamberlaine
Headshot of Cathy Chamberlaine
Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Courtney Hatch
Headshot of Courtney Hatch
Associate Dean for Faculty

Charlie Jiang
Headshot of Charlie Jiang
Assistant Professor Marketing

Lawrence Lad
Headshot of Lawrence Lad
Associate Professor of Management

Robert Mackoy
Professor of Marketing

Marleen McCormick Pritchard
Headshot of Marleen McCormick Pritchard
Associate Professor of Management

Jane Siegler
Headshot of Jane Siegler

Deborah Skinner
Associate Professor of Marketing

Chi Zhang
Headshot of Chi Zhang
Assistant Professor Marketing