Internships and Resources


Each business student completes two internships for academic credit. These internships give you valuable work experience and an advantage over the competition. While many business schools don’t even require one internship, you’ll graduate with experience and networking connections.

The Andre B. Lacy School of Business has a network of internship companies that expands every year, and a majority of our graduates attribute their first post-grad position to one of their internships.

  • Internships must be at least 240 hours
  • All internships must be approved by the Lacy School of Business
  • You must have 60 credit hours to complete an internship for credit, including at least 12 Lacy School credits at the 300-level or above.
  • You must have completed the first 300-level course in your major.
  • To receive credit you must complete LSB 401 or LSB 402, a three-credit-hour course
  • Grades are determined by class assignments and professionalism, which is partly based on employer evaluations