The Music Education Handbook 2017-18

  • The following forms needed for the Upper Divisional in Music Education (ME 299) are all in the Music Education Handbook (above):
    • Proficiency Checklist
    • Field Experience Evaluation
    • Applied Instructor Recommendation
    • Academic Advisor Recommendation
    • Portfolio Assessment Summary Form
    • Keyboard and Sight-Singing Proficiency Rubric
  • Also found in the Music Education Handbook:
    • Music Education Checklist for Student Teaching
    • Professional Development Log
    • Scoring Rubric for Resource File

Petition for Practicum in Music Education (to enroll in ME 160/360/560 or 161/361/561)

  • Major/Program Change Form
  • Placement of Incomplete Grade Form
  • Change of Grade Form
  • Notification of Student Withdrawal from Butler University