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Faculty Resources

Congratulations! You want to take students abroad. We are happy to help you with the process.

Most faculty-led study abroad programs are short-term, occurring during the summer or spring/winter breaks. Time abroad typically ranges from a week to 6 weeks, and academic credit will vary depending on the curriculum and the amount of time overseas.

How to Create a Study Abroad Program

Developing a new program is a collaborative effort between faculty members and the Center for Global Education. Faculty members with ideas for new programs should submit the program proposal form and meet with Dena Roberts, Associate Director of Faculty-Led Programs. Planning a new program usually begins 16 months prior to its first offering.

1. Complete the PDF iconFaculty-led Program Proposal.pdf

2. Prepare a draft itinerary and syllabus

3. Email documents to Dena (

4. Work with Dena to create a budget for your program.

What Makes a Successful Faculty-led Study Abroad Program?

  • Course content that is relevant and interesting to a broad range of students.

  • Courses that fulfill specific degree requirements and can be cross listed.

  • Situating the course in a location that reinforces the curricular content and makes the site a learning laboratory.

  • An energetic, motivated faculty director who can successfully promote the program to students.

Timeline to create a Faculty-Led Program

Planning a new study abroad program usually begins 16 months prior to its first offering.

PDF iconFaculty-Led Study Abroad Timeline

Insurance While Abroad

All faculty and students will have insurance while participating in a study abroad program supported by Butler University.

The AIG insurance coverage can be found here: PDF iconAIG Insurance Coverage

  • Students have access to their insurance cards on their online application
  • Faculty have access to their insurance cards in the Emergency Response Manual

How to use AIG overseas insurance:

  1. Print insurance card and carry it in your wallet while abroad.
  2. Go the doctor/hospital ASAP and receive appropriate medical attention.
    • Notify faculty/resident director of the situation ASAP
    • Notify your family of the situation and that you are OK.
  3. Pay for medical expenses out of pocket ($100 deductible, then 80% is covered by insurance). Most foreign medical facilities will not directly bill the insurance company.
  4. Keep all of your receipts.
  5. Contact the Center for Global Education to submit a claim to be reimbursed.

Claim Form:

If a student or faculty needs to submit a claim, they will fill out the AIG Claim form and submit it to Dena Roberts (, who must sign it before submission.

PDF iconAIG Insurance Claim Form

Insurance Resources

  1. Register and log in to (optional):
    • Medical Translation
    • Search for hospitals/clinics/physicians in foreign city
    • Drug Equivalency Guide
    • City Guide
    • Travel Assistance for LGBT Friendly estabishments

United Healthcare Abroad

Butler faculty and staff—if you have Butler's insurance through United Healthcare, you can also submit a claim through them. They only cover emergency treatment. PDF iconUnited HealthCare Abroad

How to use the online application system

All students who study abroad with Butler must apply through the online application system.

Faculty members who are taking students abroad have been given special access to monitor their student's progress, if they would like.

Instructions about how to use the system are here: PDF iconOnline Application—Faculty instructions